Thursday, October 13, 2016

Between Spectrums

Working Towards What You Want

Have you ever reached a point in your life or two, that you feel like that you're not really getting anywhere? Well, sometimes I feel that way. I make goals in life and yet I feel that I hadn't really accomplished anything. But just because you hadn't done much now, doesn't mean that it'll ever happen. Sometimes things that you want in life can take time and effort on your part. I'm still planning to be a writer, but I have to make the effort to write. I still want to drive, but I have to get over fear and distrust to do so. I also hope to be married, but I also have to gain the courage to ask girls out on dates. Everything I want in life is within my grasp but I have to reach for them.

Even if your autistic, Aspergers, or anywhere in the spectrum, you can reach the goals you have. But you still have to work for it. And there are many resources that can help you do that. Like family, friends, teachers, and mentors. So how do you work toward you goals? Here are some ideas that might give a helping hand.

1. Make a plan: Going through life without some direction, is like going out to sea without a compass or a map. So when you come up with your goals, make a plan on how you can achieve your goal.

2. Find a mentor: In every successful person's life, there is a mentor who guided and trained him. When you figure out your career path, find someone who can give the pointers that help you out. And in the end your mentor can become a college and most trusted friend.

3. Choosing to act: Just because you might be born with autism, doesn't mean that you can't choose to act for yourself and find a career that best suits you. If want to be someone successful, then you have to choose to be so and work for it.

Hopefully these can help you out and if you have any questions or what to what else can help, please comment below.

Thank you for your time
Tay Gallagher

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